Agenda meeting 3/4/2018

  1.  Marla has contacted most of the surrounding landowners and they do not want to sell at this time.  They all are aware and are thinking about future plans.  They all were interested to hear that we wanted to buy the property and I still believe it will come to pass in the future.
  2. The more I investigate what needs to be done, it is such a huge job.  The design of the property must by finalized, the property rezoned, financing and a developer found, before the project can be completed.
  3. I think this will be a long term project that will take place and evolve  over many years in the future.
  4. I would like to think about making a small commercial development on Davis Rd.  I envision a small grocery store, a restaurant or coffee shop, and another rental unit?  This could perhaps help subsidize low income rental units.
  5. I am going to proceed with planning a 1st stage neighborhood beginning with 2 houses which can be legally done without any regulatory difficulties on the land I have and wait until more land is available to work on rezoning.  I believe rezoning now, would possibly result in opposition from the neighbors.

Marla Frazer

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