Updates 9/2020


How much has changed in a short time. Refer to the map here to see what I’m talking about.

Marla’s plot of land is marked #1 (Blue) in the plot to the left. Parcels #2 & #4 are available now for purchase. This adds almost 3 1/2 acres to the existing 3/4 acre to add up to 4.25 acres. I have also put in a bid to purchase plot #3 (1.71 acres of vacant land) but have not yet heard back from the owners. If we can get these 3 parces we would have just over 6 acres. The front 2 parcels have 2 existing houses, a barn, a gazebo, city water already connected, 2 septic fields, 2 wells and full frontage on Davis Rd. It drastically changes the immediate outlook for deciding whether to try to create something that will outlive us all.

I have no idea how this might happen, but with vision and steady work, I do believe it can happen. Does anyone want to join in the work part with me?

This week I spoke to 3 architects and a builder about the planned village on my lot. (see below with the buildings A B C G & P). My head is spinning. So, I’ll try to arrange a Zoom meeting this week to talk to interested friends.


Wow! 2 years have passed since Marla and a few others began this project.  Since no one has officially committed to joining the project, I’ve decided to move forward, start the process, and look for others to join me once there’s actually something concrete to see.  I have left all the background pages … just go to the Home page and follow the links to learn more about the concept and progress.  

Briefly, here are the latest updates on topics of interest:

Surrounding Land:  One of elderly neighbors in the big house on Davis Road has died.  The spouse is in assisted living.  His family plans to sell one or both houses on Davis Road after he passes.  The adjoining church (Maranatha Church) on the South side on Davis Road has also expressed an interest in buying this property.  I stay in contact with the owner regularly.  This means that 2 – 4 acres of land on Davis Road might be available for purchase soon.  The neighbors on the E side (adjoining Morris Bridge Road) are also elderly and not in good health.  

Sewer:  The city of Temple Terrace says there is sewer service on Davis Road.  This would mean there would not have to be a septic system.  I hope it’s true.  The neighbor says it’s not true: he lived there at the time water was added and sewer was not put it. Architect AD told me he’s sure there is sewer on Davis Rd. Because of the distance from the land to the street, we might need 2 or 3 small pump boxes (solar powered ok) to pump the solid effluent to the street.

Land division:  3 houses can legally be built on the current property, as is, without any zoning changes.  I have worked on preliminary designs of  3 houses to be placed on the 3 legal lots.  If more land becomes available, more houses could be added to the community.  If not, there could be three. I was told by an architect that we should not subdivide first because the county would make it be treated like a sub-division and have to follow many more laws and restrictions. He suggested to build it as a joint venture of several people with our own contract of ownership and consequences of sale and after it is built, then put title as a condominium or co-op.

Title and Ownership:  The property can be divided into 3 lots, each held individually, with shared ownership of common spaces, in essence, a condominium or co-op plan.  But, the buildings need to be built first, or it would have to be declared a sub-division and be treated as a commercial development. I am in contact with an attorney to start the legal process to figure this out. It has also been suggested to make it a non-profit organization or into an Affordable Housing Community Trust in which all future profits – above a fixed return on investment — into the Trust.  That really sounds interesting to me, but it’s too much work for me to take on alone. 

Moving Forward:  I am actively looking for an architect and builder to get the project going.  I have been advised that to develop the entire 11 acre project, it would be better to hire a development company to take over the project.  That would save us a lot of trouble and make it happen quickly, but drastically increase the price and take a lot of the control away from us.

Preliminary New Plot plans and House Designs:  Here are links to my latest design ideas for the 3/4 acre site.  It would start with 3 houses, one of which would be used as a common house.  Feel free to look and make suggestions.

Our Site

The big picture. to refresh your memory of what we’re working with. 

Big House 1.jpg

Latest Plot planFull plot with labels

House A: The Core House

House B: 2BR House

House C: 2 car garage, 2nd floor house

Pool and Party House

G: Double Car Garage with storage above.Full plot 3 houses

Other plans I’ve worked on… other ideas…

Now What Happens?

Call Marla and join in the fun to create something that will outlast us all !!

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