Feb 10: The first steps to develop the land

And now the work begins!!! No need to overwhelm anyone (except me?) with all that needs to be done. Here are the first two steps that need to be worked on immediately. Let me know what you would like to help with.

(I am workig to get a hold of the owner of the parce #3… yellow… so we can square out our plot.)

1. Decide on a plot plan of how we want our community to physically look.

Our 3 parcels with Trees +/- marked

We need to decide where we want driveways, where to put houses, define the common areas, sketch out the utility lines.

I have surveys of the 3 individual parcels, but we will have to obtain a survey of the total parcels with trees and topography marked. Later, the survey will have to be updated before anything can be built. I am searching for a surveyor now.

Since it will take weeks to get the survey, I would like to get out and mark trees on an unofficial plot soon. If anyone wants to walk the properties and help with marking tree, I would welcome your help.

We have a retired architect and builder who lives in Pinellas County who is willing to help us draw our plans. Once we have a preliminary tree drawing I will invite him over to work with us.

So, at the very least, if you want to contribute to the conversation, start thinking about how you would like the neighborhood to look. A unified style of houses? or let anyone build whatever style they want? Driveways around the perimeter or where?

2. Recruiting members to join our community

This needs to start immediately. We have one year to design and sell out community. Would anyone like to help me design an announcement to post on numerous co-housing boards around the country, including UU ones, and send emails to existing communities. Also we will need someone to answer responses via phone and email.

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