We Did It!!

We now own 4.22 acres and 2 houses to build a dream!!

The sale went through in spite of bank holidays and dozens of documents that were sent out and returned! Thank you to everyone. Without everyone’s participation this would not be happening.

We also have property insurance on both properties. All documents will be saved into the Files folder on this website for easy reference. Call Marla if you need the password.

I combined the 3 surveys of the 3 parcels into one big survey. (Survey of our Land 2/15/21 posted below). I can email you the .jpg file if you can’t download it off the website. Pro-Copy (5219 E Fowler – by the new Publix) will print it out 24 x 36″ for $2.50 if you want to have a bigger copy to play around with.

Zoom meeting tomorrow at 12:00  Candy’s Tea Time Link. Come if you can!!

I hope everyone has thought about what you would like to have included in the community. I outlined it in the Feb 10 post: The first Steps to Develop our land. That’s where we’ll start tomorrow.

Equally important is the need to recruit members of the community. There’s a lot of work to be done, and the more to help out, the merrier. Also, people who plan to build and move in should be involved in what gets built.

This evening I’ll be summarizing all my thoughts on the 2 main topics and be ready to share with you tomorrow.

See ya’ll soon,


One thought on “We Did It!!

  1. I will ck back with Bakari before the meeting tomorrow, it had slipped my mind, so I can have an update on that, hopefully providing his personal contact info – about 90% sure that will happen based on our conversation today but I wanted him to see the website as a final confirmation.

    Talk to you then.


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