Notes from Zoom 2/19/21

  1. Richard Adelson (retired Architect, Builder) will call Marla to make appointment to come talk to us next week
  2. Follow page 2a Decisions to Make and Actions to Take on website. It will be outline of moving ahead and be kept up-to-date with changing knowledge base
  3. Need to recruit and start marketing our community. Candy talked to Bernice at First UC to share info.
  4. Follow page 1e Further Information about Cohousing for links with information.
  5. Need A Name and Identity to start: Tampa Terrace Village is the winner for now.
  6. Comments and Suggestions from people attending Zoom: (RP, JE, CG, TK, MF):
  • We need to calculate how much to maintain common areas, common houses, pool, utilities, etc. to include those costs into HOA fees
  • If we build our outdoor kitchen closer to church, we could use it and invite church members
  • We need to make sure there is room for visitor parking
  • We need to consider how far it would be to take garbage… width of driveway…turn around or cul-de-sac? What are rules for driveway size to allow garbage trucks in? Perhaps we want a dumpster closer to the road so we could limit the size of the common driveways?
  • Don’t driveways have to be big enough for fire trucks to enter? That may determine size of driveways.
  • Want curved driveways, not straight to keep speeds down.
  • 220v for car parking and community electric car and golf cart
  • windows: must be impact resistant or have impact shields “storm stoppers” RP cost $5000 to make for his house.
  • Prefer garages attached to house? Or perhaps separate in a common garage area.

Tom contacted Bakari Kennedy, green energy consultant, to talk with. Marla will contact him this week.

Thank you everyone, Keep reading and learning about all we have to do to succeed.


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