Notes from Zoom 2/26/21

  • Next Friday 11:00 meet Richard Adelson at the church to walk over the property, see inside of houses (I hope), discuss path to move forward.
  • Sizes of our land parcels are still not certain. All 3 surveys I have are wrong… mostly with easements (that don’t exist because of errors) that are recorded on the surveys as property lines. There are surveyors pipes in the ground that were ignored by the previous surveyors (who are now out of business)
  • Roger Grunke Architect, head of Tampa Cohousing group will meet with us 11:00 Monday at church.
    • his specialty: social design of community housing. interested in working with us
    • Roger to do PD need complete surveys with trees, topo, drainage plan, lot design and footprints of houses
    • Difficulty in creating the community is in the process… getting people to agree on what they want and to work together
  • Do we want to create a community with different kinds of “sustainable houses” or prefab or modular? Do we want to create a neighborhood with different kinds of houses as a model village? Put in Solar array to supply energy to all the houses? Catch water in underground water tanks for irrigation? Perhaps could we get sponsors to help with the costs?
    • Ruth Morris is looking into prefab houses and developments
    • Tom suggests looking into tiny houses
    • Jerry suggests looking into container houses
  • Several people volunteered to consider increasing their investments to pay for needed help and professional studies. I have their names, but I won’t publish them publicly. Thank you.
  • Need to advertise, increase financing, increase membership. Who will volunteer? Jerry will help with responding to inquiries.
  • Need a logo to not worry about copyright issues. Pay designer of banner for church? Use photo of Labyrinth?
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  • We’re moving forward. Slowly. We are not going to be a group that studies the issues and never gets anything built. By working together, we will all get something we want in the community, but probably not everything we want. We will meet our goal of being ready to break ground next winter!!!

Members attending: Marla, Richard I, Jerry E, Candy G, Russ P, Tom K, Richard Adelson

One thought on “Notes from Zoom 2/26/21

  1. Glad to have attended today and hope to contribute in a way that would allow me with no money to invest make a contribution in envisioning and possibly figure out a way to live there and be the village groundskeeper/handyman.


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