Email Update 3/8/21

Greetings all,

I’m having trouble keeping up with all the work and distributing information to ya’ll.  I’ll try to get better.
Grant and Diana cannot meet on Fridays.  Let’s Try Thursday at 12 this week.  Starting next week we’ll do Mondays at 12.

Last week we met with 2 architects.  Roger Grugel and Richard Adelson.  We hope that one of them will work out to guide us on this project.

Richard recommended a stack of books.  I ordered them all so I can share them with you and we can spread the word.  I paid for a digital (pdf) copy of Charles Durrett book Creating Cohousing.  It is now uploaded to the website.  Go to the righthand column and look for the file named Book.  The password is xxxxxx (Call Marla if you can’t find the email with the password in it).  Feel free to download and read it.  You’ll learn a lot.  If you have any favorite parts, please recommend them so we can all read them.  It’s a very dense book so read a little every day.

Attached is the site plan that Richard A designed for Gainesville Cohousing. NOTE: Richard didn’t design it… he brought it as an example of a cohousing commUNITY LAYOUT

The woods are going to be cleaned out Tomorrow so we can see what big and beautiful trees we have to work around.  It will be cleaned out, but not hauled away.  For now, it’s for us to have a cleaned out place ready for the survey to be done.  I’ve contacted 4 companies, but as yet only have one estimate for the survey.  I’ll do follow up calls tomorrow because this is our next important step.

Welcome to a new group member, Jude McCormick.  She is a friend of Richard I and will be jumping into our project now.

That’s all for now.

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