Zoom 3/11/2021


  1. set time for weekly zoom Noon on Mondays starting Monday March 15
  2. land is being bush hogged and cleaned out so we can find out what we have available for building. The measurements of our property are corrected and uploaded to the website page 3.c.
  3. survey coming soon
  4. nothing new on adjoining land, belonging to Carmen, Linda, and Tommy,
  5. follow up with St Mark’s church: no one volunteered so we will wait for them to contact us
  6. we need to start coming to consensus of what we want with layout and house designs. Everyone should be thinking about looks you like for small neighborhoods.
  7. New name for our community? chalice, circle, home. village, tapestry 3 acre wood, chalice circle village, wood spirit
  8. uu emphasis or no? vision and values statement, Sue will begin working on this
  9. Marketing committee and plan: social media, communicate with UUs in our cluster and across the US, In the Cohousing book on the website, pages 64, 129, 230, and this website have information about marketing campaigns https://www.cohousing.org/marketing/
  10. Sue Mitchel attended zoom what is cohousing through the cohousing.org

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