4/2/21 In Person Meeting at UUCT

  1. We met and discussed the offers on the table to sell all or a portion of our property to the St. Mark’s church. Our decision was to sell 11201 Davis Rd [minus the North 37 feet] to St. Mark’s for $260,000 to close on 4/14/2021. Marla sent an email to their Realtor, John Warner, and to the church leaders Mathew Verghese and Koshy Kurumthottickal. Mathew answered back on Saturday evening that their church had voted to accept our offer as written.
  2. Marla had redone the financial analysis of different land options and it was interesting to see that the final cost of completed homes did not differ significantly in any of the models. Here is a link to the file with estimated development costs. It did dramatically reduce our initial investment, and our cost of borrowing those funds for the 12 months, as $260,000 will be returned to the investors.
  3. The participants present voted to create a group of Members who would each make a non-refundable deposit of $5,000 into the Davis Rd Account to demonstrate their commitment to working toward developing the community. Non-members will be able to offer opinions and help in information gathering, but will not vote on decisions regarding how the money is spent, how the community will look, etc.
  4. Investors, interested parties, and non-members will still be informed about decisions made and the directions we are moving, but will not vote on the decisions affecting the future details of the development of the project.
  5. The original website, cohousingtampa.wordpress.com, will be used for advertising, marketing, reaching out, and keeping non-members informed of the progress of the project. A new website, or perhaps a password protected section of the current website, will be created to be be used for communication within the Member Group.

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