4/12/21 Zoom

The Survey

  1. Surveyor wants the trees marked by the arborist before finishing. (I just called him and told him to go forward)
  2. We had a Tree company ready to come out and mark the trees but he had personal problems and hasn’t come yet.
  3. Arborist wants the survey done first
  4. Surveyor is confused about boundaries
  5. Title company is working on the legal descriptions as documented
  6. Hillsborough County Appraiser wants the survey and all the title to revise the legal descriptions.

The Closing:

  • Charlie and Valerie might extend their stay a couple weeks. They will have a big estate sale, but maybe not till the middle of May. That might extend the closing. I’ll have to talk to the St. Marks Church
  • I need to know who wants money back and who would like to let the investment ride for the 12 months?

The Name, Mission and Vision

  • Keep thinking. Let’s try to figure it out by next Monday. Click here for the updated brainstorming name page.


Legal Documents

  • Send me your money
  • We need an attorney to explain what’s best
  • Draw up ownership docs
  • Draw up management docs: Richard will look at management docs from other communities on the web.
  • annexed by temple terrace (ask Engineers)


  • Once we have a name….
  • Website development… Marla is working on setting up a page for marketing with private links for members.
  • Publicize, spread the word

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