About Us

Harmony Terrace began as a Cohousing Interest Group by a group of friends who are members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, (UUCT). Harmony Terrace is not officially associated with UUCT in any way and Harmony Terrace members are not expected to join UUCT.  Co-housing and UU values are completely compatible, as are the spiritual values of many churches. As the original interest group at UUCT came together to discuss the possibility of creating a housing community in Tampa, the property next door to the existing UUCT campus seemed like a good match. UUCT has 4.5 acres of natural land and 3 buildings on the north side of our 4.5 acre Harmony Terrace site. There is also another church directly to our South, St Mark’s Mar Thoma Church.

Before Covid, the UUCT campus had book groups, singing groups, discussions, classes sponsored by OLLI from the University of South Florida, in addition to the on-going spiritual activities of the Church. We expect such activities to restart and be available to HT members if they so choose.

For more information about the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa — Google it. There is a broad wealth of information about the history of this congregation, the religion and its history.