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This site was created in 2018 by Marla Frazer to have a place to share information about our dream of creating a future Cohousing development to anyone interested.  On February 15, 2021, we purchased 4.22 acres and have moved from the dreaming to the developing stage.  Our working name has thus changed from Cohousing Tampa to

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The menu bar to the far right “Background Information about our Project” has links to all of the background and informational pages on this site. They are updated as we learn more.  If you’re new to the site, look at this menu bar to become familiar with the Tampa Terrace Village project.  
  • Files numbered 1… 1a: Why CoHousing? contain information about co-housing.
  • Files numbered 2 … 2a: Decisions to Make and Actions to Take contain information about future decision we will have to make and actions we will take. This will be our outline of steps we will follow.
  • Files numbered 3… 3a: The full 11 acre site contains information about our current and future land.
  • Files numbered 4 … contain sample plot designs, house designs, ideas, etc.
The most current information is posted in the second to the right menu bar “Recent Emails and Information”.  These pages are displayed according to the dates they are posted.  Comments can be posted below each of these postings so we could have a conversation and share ideas.  Click on the “Follow” button to receive an email notification each time a blog post is added.

Co-housing or Intentional Communities

are small-scale neighborhoods that provide a balance between personal privacy and community living amidst people who know and care about each other.
•Co-owned – by their residents
•Co-designed – space use, operations, and architecture
•Co-responsible – members who self-govern and share funds and energy to maintain the community
•Co-evolve – as residents and their needs change
For more information about CoHousing and If CoHousing is for you follow this link: 1a: Why CoHousing?

Co-Housing Tampa / Tampa Terrace Village

is an interest group of friends and members, most of whom belong to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa (UUCT), who want to dream, plan, organize, and develop a community for housing needs of our community, now and in the future.  It is not just for friends who forsee themselves living in the community.  All voices are welcome to contribute ideas to help shape the design and future of our community.
This interest group is not a task-force nor official committee of UUCT.  It is for members and friends of the church who share our values to come together to discuss the possibility of creating a housing community in the near future, on property close to our existing church campus.
One of our first considerations will be to decide what kind of a community we want to build. 1b: Co-Housing: What kind of a Housing / Living Community do we want to build?

UUCT property and our surrounding neighborhood  

The photo below is from the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s website.  It shows the UUCT property highlighted in red, and all surrounding properties in the neighborhood outlined in yellow.  Follow this link to Why? What? Where? for more information and discussion about the proposed development.

UUCT in Red, Frazer 1 in Blue, Other neighboring land in Yellow

This Website is private.  It specifically is hidden from search engines.  Feel free to share a link to the site with interested friends, but until we have our plans in place, we don’t want the world to know of our dreams a, brainstorms, and developing plans