Becoming a Member and Buying a Home

Buying a home in Harmony Terrace is more than a real estate transaction – it is a decision to become part of our community. It is important that potential new members of the community learn more about cohousing and the unique aspects of Harmony Terrace before making their buying decision. The more you understand, the easier it will be for you to decide if our community good fit for you and a place where you want to live and participate in our community life.

We have a group Zoom meeting every week to keep everyone updated as we move forward. We also have meetings in person in our Common House, when possible. Visitors are welcome to participate and meet with us either in person or via zoom.

We have learned in the process of acquiring our land and beginning the development process that the more we work together, the closer a community of friends we are becoming, and the more excited we all are about each step forward. The earlier you join in our project, the more excited you will become about living in Harmony Terrace.

Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay

Membership Application Process

Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay will make Membership acceptance decisions without regard to applicants’ race, color, religion, sex (including gender, gender identity, sexual orientation), national origin, familial status, English language ability, or disability.

To achieve a harmonious neighborhood that is cooperative, congenial, and compatible for all members, we ask that each applicant complete a four-step process, as described here.

Step 1: Getting Acquainted.

  1. Read and thoroughly review the information contained on the Harmony Terrace public website – Access Level 1 open to all: 
  2. Read the Is Co-Housing for You? page on our website as a means to help you decide if this concept is a good fit for you and your plans for the future. 
  3. Watch the videos on co-housing, consensus decision making, and sociocracy on our webpage *Governance and Decision Making * to learn how HTTB members are planning the development of the community, and how it will be governed and managed after completion.
  4. After you’ve explored the website, answer the questions from our Scavenger Hunt  to help you decide if our concept really is a good fit for you and your future plans.  After filling in the blanks, Click on the SEND button at the top to submit your responses. Click here to go to our Scavenger Hunt:   Harmony Terrace Scavenger Hunt  
  5. Contact Marla (813-777-9931) with any questions and to be assigned to current members who will function as Hosts for your membership journey. These members will help steer you through the process, introduce you to other members and help answer questions as they arise.
  6. Attend at least three HTTB meetings in-person or on zoom, to learn how decisions are made and to become part of the process. Your active participation is encouraged.
  7. Plan to visit the property at 11215 Davis Road, Tampa, FL 33637, and learn more about the community via a member-conducted, guided tour.

Step 2: Becoming an Explorer.

  1. Complete the Getting Acquainted Survey. (Provided by your host)
  2. You will be given the Password for access to the Members’ Portal on the Harmony Terrace website Members’ Portal – Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay  With your Host as your guide, become familiar with more in-depth information, communications from the past 4 years, legal and financial records, read about our members, and more!!
  3. Read and familiarize yourself with the HTTB Membership Application and Membership Agreement available on the Members Portal.   Access Level 2 
  4. Join at least one committee. While not limited to these, options may include the HOA committee, marketing committee, communications committee, and others as issues and needs evolve.
  5. Review the latest Site Plan and available Home choices and House Plans to prepare to choose your home
  6. With your member hosts, arrange to meet with a small group of other members for any additional questions and answers.

Step 3: Applying for membership: 

  1. Before making a final decision, and requesting membership, please review everything you have learned to date, and be familiar with our “Mission, Vision, Principles, Governance and Decision Making statements. Be certain that these align with your own values and ideas.
  2. With your host, review the Harmony Terrace governing & financial documents. 
  3. Complete the Membership Application, sign and submit to HTTB (Access Level #2) You may scan and email the completed, signed application to your host, or mail to: Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay,11215 Davis Road, Tampa, FL 33637. You will be notified within one week of receipt of your application if you have been approved or if additional information is needed.

Step 4: Becoming a member:

  1. Meet with a representative of HTTB to review the membership agreement.
  2. Sign the Membership Agreement and submit a payment of $5,000.
  3. Make final lot & house design choices and make an appointment to meet with the architect to individualize your home.
  4. You will be given access to financial, legal, and other governing documents available on the HTTB website – Access Level 3 – password protected. You will also be given access to the HTTB google drive, where other documents are kept.
  5. Join one of the HTTB committees as a full, participating, member.
  6. Submit a photo of yourself, along with a written description of your reasons for becoming an HTTB member. These will be posted in the password-protected, members’ portal.
Welcome to your new home at Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay!