Becoming a Member and Buying a Home

Buying a home in Harmony Terrace is more than a real estate transaction – it is a decision to become part of our community. It is important that potential new members of the community learn more about cohousing and the unique aspects of Harmony Terrace before making their buying decision. The more you understand, the easier it will be for you to decide if our community good fit for you and a place where you want to live and participate in our community life.

Right now, we are moving forward steadily to design our site plan, design the houses, organize the legal frameworks, … among a thousand other details. We have a group Zoom meeting every week to keep everyone updated as we move forward. We also have meetings in person in our Common House when possible. Visitors are welcome to participate and meet with us either in person or via zoom.

One unexpected lesson we have learned in the process of acquiring our land and beginning the development process is that the more we work together, the closer a community of friends we are becoming, and the more excited we all are about each step forward. The earlier you join in our project, the more excited you will become about living in Harmony Terrace.

Steps to Membership

We have 4 steps to follow in our Membership Application Process. Follow our MAP:

1.Getting to know you and us

Explore our Harmony Terrace Site. Help us get to know you, and you to know us so we can both decide if we are we a good fit. Get your own persona Member guide to the MAP who will answer all your questions and help you on the journey. Attend our zooms. Visit and tour our property. To begin the journey, contact Marla (on the Contact Us page). If you’re ready for more, your guide will help you proceed to the next step.

2. Become an Explorer

Learn more about the “Nitty-gritty”. Receive the password from your guide to gain access to the Member’s Portal where you will be able to: Learn more about our members, see more detailed house and land information, read the minutes from all of our meetings since 2018. Join at least one working committee. Review the site map and available home choices as shown on the website. With your guide, arrange to sit down with a small group of other members for any additional questions and answers.

3. Evaluation

Request membership by completing the membership application to HTTB. You will be notified within one week if you’ve been approved.

4. Membership

You will be given access to financial, legal, and other governing documents on the website and on our HTTB google drive. Meet with a representative of HTTB to review the membership agreement. Submit a voluntary contribution of $5,000. Make final lot & house design choices and make an appointment to meet with the architect. Become a full participating Member of HTTB.

Now is a great time to jump into our development process and help decide the future of your community and home.

Give us a call or email and learn more about us (look on the Contact Us page for names and numbers). We hope to hear from you soon.