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Resources: On-Line 

General information about Co-Housing in it’s many forms: 

Cohousing Consultants to consider:

Ecology Focused information

  Information specific to UU Communities:

  • UU Community Cooperatives Grounded in the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism, UUCC grows intentional housing communities of spiritual practice, sustainability, and social change.  It is the parent organization of Lucy Stone and Margaret Moseley UU Cooperative communities in the Boston, MA area.  

Videos on You Tube

YOU TUBE: Search for co housing… many videos from PBS to Ted Talks 

Alternatives to Sprawl: Alternative planning for transportation You Tube Video

Cohousing​Project​: ​a​page​with​short​videos​on​YouTube: 

Existing Housing Communities

 Resources: Books

Marla has copies of these books which are available to borrow and read by anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

Financing and Affordable Housing

This is something we need to look at. Maybe with outside financing we could afford to build a total community.

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