House Designs

Our vision is to have units around 800 to 1100 sf. Whatever space you don’t have in your private home, you will be able to share in the common area: sewing and crafts room? woodworking? gardening? a large gourmet kitchen? outdoor kitchen and swim spa? a large screened tv theater? and centralized parking with carport coverage?. The units may seem small, but remember, we don’t need 26 lawn mowers, nor 26 double ovens, etc. Our own personal spaces will be comfortable and wonderful, but we will have shared spaces as well.

We plan for each house to be built of concrete block, to minimize termite intrusion and for ease of maintenance. All spaces, houses, paths, gardens, etc. will be built for universal accessibility. We are planning on insulated metal roofs, which have turned out to be the longest lasting roof for Florida.

Below are the house designs we have decided upon after a year of consideration. Each home will be individualized to the wishes of the individual community members. Contact us for access to more detailed plans and to attend our weekly zoom planning meetings.

We meet weekly by zoom or in person. Contact us if you would like to join in the fun of the design and development of the community.

Unit B: The Seeger. 2BR / 2 BA = 1090 sf + 315 porch = 1405 Sf + 222 sf loft = 1627sf
Unit C: The Sharp: 2BR = 1148 sf + porch 230sf and a lanai 156 sf = 1536 Total. Notice the Lanai /Atrium

Unit E: Emerson 2486 sf – 2 story 3BR or 4 BR 3.5BA