Our Harmony Terrace Neighborhood

Here it is!! Our ever-evolving site plan for our 4.57 acre neighborhood. Our L-shaped property will have 25 one, two, and three bedroom homes, all built in a “Florida Vernacular” style. Each model of home has been designed in lengthy conversations with our architect to “fit” into specific locations based on the shape of the lot and the existing trees on our property. We will maintain a canopy of oaks, camphor, and magnolia trees, with only a few sites receiving full sun exposure.

As you can see on our site plan, we have a variety of sizes and shapes of houses, which will give our community the feel of custom houses. The first 25 buyers will indeed be able to have their house customized by the architect before construction.

We have narrowed down our choices to 5 different models of homes ( one of which is a 2 story model).

We will not build anything that looks like, or serves as an apartment building or rowhouses. We are committed to having each home meet ADA standards for accessibility, at least on their first floors.

After working on our house plans and site plans for several months, we decided to group most of our houses into houses with one shared wall. Each home will have a porch that faces onto common areas for optimal view and sun access.

This allows us more common land and space for common facilities while minimizing individual maintenance. It is important to us to maintain as many trees as possible. If every home was independently sited on a grid plan like traditional neighborhoods, we would lose many of the trees that offer us shade and add character and beauty to our land.

In addition to their private homes, our residents will have access to Common Facilities, including a small lap pool and spa, a large swimming pool with a gentle ramp leading into the water, a wood workshop, an art building and a common house with dining/meeting room, kitchen, lounge,  laundry room, a yoga/music room, and two or three guest bedrooms available to members.

Now is a great time to join us, choose your homesite, and choose your neighbors.