Our Community Site Plan

Our site plan continues to be “tweaked” weekly as our architect is making adjustments to the plan based on the requirements of the Hillsborough County Planning Department and on the wishes of individual members. Here is our current plan with the 7 different models of homes labeled A – G. Members are choosing their locations and house designs based on their date of becoming members of our community.

We decided upon 7 models of houses, the floorplans of which will be individualized for each family unit. Two house plans have been adapted to become 2 stories high and thus big enough for 3 or 4 bedrooms.

6/12/22 Site Plan

What will our community look like?

This is a proposal for a “modern village” that is set off from the larger Hillsborough County community. It is a private, affordable community, where residents will transition from Hillsborough County public roads onto private property and park on the periphery of our community. The residents will then proceed to their homes and other community amenities by foot, bicycle, or some form of personal electric conveyance (ie. golf-cart). This will free the heart of the community from cars and other vehicles and encourage walking, personal interactions, and provide spaces for adults and children to safely play together. It will also allow for maximum use of park-like shared common spaces in the center of the community.

For the residents, it is not a housing development in the traditional sense of the term. It will be much like a resort, situated in an ecologically sound setting. It is one of our primary goals to conserve and protect the mature, healthy trees and as much of the existing tree canopy as possible, which include the 5 grand oaks in good condition and more than 20 other protected and non-protected trees. To accomplish this, it is necessary to place the homes, garages, shared facilities and walkways in accordance with the natural configuration of the land and its trees. This also requires many of our homes to be clustered together. For these reasons Harmony Terrace is not platted on a grid of regular lot sizes and shapes. The front doors of every home will be oriented towards the pedestrian and emergency access roadway which curves through the community, but the houses will not be situated equidistant from that roadway. Rather, each homesite is uniquely shaped and each home uniquely designed to respond to the presence of existing trees.

Come join us now. Become a member and choose your house model, house location, and individual customizations you want in your house.