Why CoHousing?

In 2018, a group of friends formed an interest group to explore the possibility of creating an intentional community here in the Tampa Bay Area.  Here are a few reasons why we want to do this: 

  • To anticipate life changing needs and plan for them
  • To simplify our lives
  • To downsize our lives
  • To create a place where we can have a holistic quality of Life
  • To live in a community where we know our neighbors
  • To live with people who share values
  • To share our time, talent, and values with others.
  • To deepen our spiritual connections
  • To live close to Tampa, the USF area, and our church home to be able to participate in the many activities available there.
  • To create our own family.
  • To be able to age-in-place … but not to exclude young people…after all we were all young once upon a time.


What are Intentional or Co-housing Communities?

Co-housing Communities are small-scale neighborhoods that provide a balance between personal privacy and community living amidst people who know and care about each other.
•Co-owned – by their residents
•Co-designed – space use, operations, and architecture
•Co-responsible – members who self-govern and share funds and energy to maintain the community
•Co-evolve – as residents and their needs change

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