Update November, 2021

We’re moving ahead daily. I’d call it “break-neck speed”. We’re almost ready to submit our Planned Development to the County Planning Commission. We have agreed on 6 house plans to offer. We now have 10 members who have chosen their house plans and sites. Soon we will be customizing our individual homes. Come Join Us!!

Harmony Terrace is a new residential community near Tampa, Florida. We are on a path to start construction on our new community of 26 units of different sizes as soon as the ink is dry on all the plans and contracts. We own almost 5 acres of beautiful land with a main house that will be converted to our common house, several out buildings, and many towering Grand Oak trees that provide glorious shade.

We are now busy(!) building our community from the ground up. We are jointly making decisions as to what our community will look like: What style of houses / housing units will we build? How can we preserve as much natural land and the 20 large oaks on the property? How can we build affordable units? How can we build sustainably and with energy efficiency? How can we create a balance of private and common spaces? What will we include in our common spaces? How can we encourage a range of diversities in our community? How can we spread the word to attract more like-minded people into our community? etc…, etc…, etc…

Please look around our website for more information (it is being updated daily) and go to the Contact page to reach out to members of our group to chat or ask questions. We are now designing our houses so now is a great time to jump in and join us.

The existing 3 BR house will be converted into a Common House with guest rooms, laundry facilities, crafts rooms, gathering and eating rooms, and everything our group can imagine (and pay for).