3/22/2021: Zoom

  1. Survey ordered.
  2. Reactions /Results to Meeting with St Mark’s Church
    1. They want some of our land.
    2. Carmen’s land is key
    3. Suggestion: use Joe’s + Marla’s land to start plan on: possibly increase later
    4. Look at last zoom for financial analysis to see how the change in land changes our project
  3. Still looking for a name: Harmony Hideaway, Tampa Skylark / Commons, Hideaway Village, Community, Maybe not Hideaway…we’re not recluses nor a secret. Some spiritual connotation? Beacon? other words: Vision, Reflections, Emerson, source, Quest, view, global, reason,
  4. Sue M and Roger will work on mission and vision,
  5. What do we agree on? Each of us needs to think about what we want.
    1. size of community?
    2. cooperation with St Mark’s (we don’t have to)
    3. size of houses from anything goes to a predefined range of sizes
    4. amenities
    5. realities of Florida (frequent travelers) many of our members may be snowbirds
    6. cost
    7. affordability: one community owned house- could use for immigrant sponsors, shelter, emergency, intern at church, would be funded by rent or government agencies
  6. Conflict resolution and consensus. we need a covenant and to be aware of our interactions with each other and not-yet-members
  7. Roger will plan Co-housing presentation to do for St Marks, (and others) interested
  8. What I learned from books: important steps that cannot be skipped:
    1. Become a community… increase commitment… I will participate and help with planning.
      1. we need more people… we need to have a marketing, outreach plan, see zoom 3/11. This is really important
      2. work together … divide up the tasks… small teams to handle small tasks
    2. Physical land and building … many details ongoing..
    3. If #1 doesn’t happen, we can still build a housing development, but it won’t become a values based co-housing community.
  9. Future zooms: check in and check out time reserved each meeting. Each person has the time to speak or be given the time to gather and share thoughts without interruption.
  10. Goals for next week:
    1. Answers about land from Carmen, talk to Linda and Tommy about future purchase
    2. Survey of our shared vision
    3. Finish land clearing, get survey, mark trees
    4. Preliminary legal discussions for ownership and development: Marla call Pamela-Jo
    5. Name: keep brainstorming
    6. John Bunch new community
    7. Suggestion: St. Marks limit offer to specific time. We come in behind them.
  11. Great meeting folks. How do we get the rest of the gang to be here weekly?
  12. Other info: John Bunch forming new community near Hillsborough river

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